I must confess to sheepskin lust. I’ve wanted a beautiful two-tone sheepskin ever since seeing this gorgeous one on the Nistock Farms web page:

Alas, for pelts like this they already have a waiting list thirteen people long! But they periodically have new, interestingly colored sheepskins, so I have been faithfully checking their website for longer than I’ll admit in public.

Usually the neato ones sell out before I even see them, but I’m feeling pretty smug today: I checked in to the site and found not one, not two, but three beautiful variegated gray sheepskins!

I flung myself bodily upon this one:

my soon-to-be new sheepskin!

my soon-to-be new sheepskin!

Isn’t it just gorgeous? And according to the website, the wool is about four inches long and nicely cushiony. Just the thing for lining my office chair or padding my weaving bench. Or just hanging on the wall to admire. I love it! I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Anyway, there are two black and one brown variegated sheepskins left (plus a number of single-color ones that also look mouthwatering), so hop on over and see if you want one. Act fast! The nice ones usually aren’t up for long. (Not affiliated – in fact they probably have no idea who I am – just been drooling over their stuff for a very long time.)

Meanwhile, in weaving news, I went to my guild meeting (great presentation by Bonnie Inouye) and double weave study group afterwards. I understand double weave much better now but am meeting up with Bonnie tomorrow morning for a tutoring session that will hopefully help me to dissect, disassemble, and reassemble double weave, and especially four color double weave. I have a moderately decent model for double weave now, but want to develop it further.

Off to bed! Tomorrow morning I have to write some more book blog posts (I’m dangerously close to missing a post “deadline”!), and then run up to see Bonnie. In the afternoon I’ll likely clean up chocolate detritus.

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  1. brucie38
    Posted December 2, 2012 at 7:40 am | Permalink

    I knew Bonnie would get you all straightened out on 4 color double weave!  She is so incredibly patient and helpful.


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