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I'm a weaver, traveler, and generally adventurous person. Here I have shared some of my many interests - handweaving, other fiber arts, and adventure travel all over the world. I hope you enjoy perusing the site! If you are curious about anything, drop me a line at !

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Reborn in Fire: Phoenix Rising

Reborn in Fire: Phoenix Rising is the first in a series of pieces examining death and rebirth through the reborn phoenix.

The Celtic Braid Cape

My Celtic Braid Cape, inspired by a year spent working in an unheated garage! I wanted a luscious, yummy fabric to keep me warm on cold winter days. (Published in Handwoven, Jan/Feb 2013.)

Autumn Splendor

For this project, I envisioned a long coat with autumn leaves “falling” over a background that also shaded through autumn colors. The swooping curves and leaf patterning evoke an autumn sunset.

Kodachrome Coat

Kodachrome was my response to the Handwoven Garment Challenge issued in early 2011. A fiesta of color, it was also my response to spending a year weaving and sewing an all-white wedding dress!

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Aftermath (and new business cards!)

I flew home on Sunday, and have spent the ensuing four days digging out from under 300+ unread emails and a huge work backlog. But I am almost back to normal!

So what are my conclusions from my jacquard trip? Primarily, that jacquard looms are a lot of fun. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t have time to really explore the interesting things that can be done on a jacquard loom – most of my files were hastily constructed the night before weaving, so there wasn’t time to really think them through. But I got enough of a taste to conclude that yes, I want one, and yes, to me it’s worth a sports-car amount of money. I had been wondering about that, since I haven’t woven much this year. But it seems to me that a jacquard loom would address many of the frustrations I’ve had with weaving, mostly centered around the limitations of a shaft loom. And if I actually owned one, I could try all these fabulous ideas as they came, rather than having to make everything compress into a few days!

I am working on a summary/feature comparison of the TC-2 and Jacq3G – planning to post it next week. I have not made a final decision on which loom to buy – and won’t until I actually write a check – but am hoping the feature comparison will help other people struggling to decide.

Meanwhile, I have been struggling with another decision – business cards! After nearly five years, I have finally handed out or misplaced the last of my old business cards. So I need to order more. I’m taking the opportunity to update the design. Here’s the original (or close to it):

tienchiu business card

Not too bad, but I wanted something that reflected my recent work. So I hunted around in my collection of photographs, and cooked up these two business cards:

business card based on In the Inferno design

business card based on “In the Inferno” scarf

business card based on Kodachrome jacket

business card based on Kodachrome jacket

Of the two, I like the Kodachrome one better – the text flows better with the image, the handwoven nature of the cloth is more obvious, and the colors are more vivid. So that is probably what I will order. I’m interested in your opinions, though! So please post your thoughts in the comments.

What’s coming up? Well, this weekend should be interesting. I managed to score twelve pounds of sour cherries (which are very hard to find around here), so will be making candied sour cherries and sour cherry jam. I’m also planning to help my critique partner Lieven with a photo shoot, which should be intriguing, as I’ve never been to one before. If I have time, I’ll try to make it to the Northern California Surface Design Association meeting, but since Mike and I also have to clean up the house for my mom’s visit, that seems rather unlikely. She arrives Tuesday, and there is a LOT of cleaning to do!

I also want to work on the book proposal. At Convergence, I met a representative of Schiffer Publishing, which is one of the publishers on my shortlist. He isn’t one of the editors, but he said he’d be happy to pass my proposal in to the editors. He’s also going to be back in the Bay Area in September – so I’m hoping to have the proposal finalized by then. That should be do-able if I don’t get too distracted.

Weaving-wise, I am planning to cut off the color-study warp this weekend. That may be a bit involved since I am hoping to preserve the warp for my friend Carla – which means pulling it off in an orderly fashion rather than higgledy-piggledy as I usually do – but shouldn’t be too hard. That will allow me to beam the shadow weave warp and get started weaving that long-delayed project, too!

And the cats? They are delighted to have me back. Here is what greeted me on my return:

Fritz and Tigress staring reproachfully at me

Fritz and Tigress staring reproachfully at me

They weren’t sure why I did anything so nonsensical as leaving in the first place, but were definitely happy to get me back. Belly rubs all around!

Randomly Selected Work

    Kodachrome was my response to the Handwoven Garment Challenge issued in early 2011. A fiesta of color, it was also my response to spending a year weaving and sewing an all-white wedding dress!
    This was a very early piece – my fourth weaving project, in fact! – and is the “Advancing Twill Flowers” shawl published in an issue of Handwoven Magazine. The only changes I made were to weave it up in 2/28 nm silk and 2/28 nm black cashmere, instead of sewing thread (which increased the
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