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I'm a weaver, traveler, and generally adventurous person. Here I have shared some of my many interests - handweaving, other fiber arts, and adventure travel all over the world. I hope you enjoy perusing the site! If you are curious about anything, drop me a line at !

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Reborn in Fire: Phoenix Rising

Reborn in Fire: Phoenix Rising is the first in a series of pieces examining death and rebirth through the reborn phoenix.

The Celtic Braid Cape

My Celtic Braid Cape, inspired by a year spent working in an unheated garage! I wanted a luscious, yummy fabric to keep me warm on cold winter days. (Published in Handwoven, Jan/Feb 2013.)

Autumn Splendor

For this project, I envisioned a long coat with autumn leaves “falling” over a background that also shaded through autumn colors. The swooping curves and leaf patterning evoke an autumn sunset.

Kodachrome Coat

Kodachrome was my response to the Handwoven Garment Challenge issued in early 2011. A fiesta of color, it was also my response to spending a year weaving and sewing an all-white wedding dress!

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Best in Show!

I got notice yesterday that my Kodachrome Jacket won “Best In Show” at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair! That is super exciting, especially since I hadn’t thought I’d won any prize at all.

(If you missed Kodachrome the first time around, here’s a pic.)

Kodachrome, photographed by Joe Decker

Kodachrome, photographed by Joe Decker

So that was serious cause for happiness.

I have also been reworking my studio floor plan. Thanks to a suggestion from Vibeke Vestby, I have a new studio layout that I like even better than the previous two:

jacquard floor plan #3

jacquard floor plan #3

This preserves the amount of shelf space in version #2, and keeps a 2′ space around the looms on every side. It also leaves enough space for yoga and a small photography studio. This works very nicely, so I think I will stick with this layout.I’m continuing to thread the loom, about 150-200 threads per day. It’s slow going because the threads are so fine they’re hard to see/handle, but I’m 37% done with the 2800 thread total. That means I probably won’t finish this weekend. But I still hope to be weaving by the end of August!

The book proposal is almost done – waiting for the final version from the copy editor, and updated photos. The photo shoot for those is scheduled for Sunday, so I should have the final proposal ready Sunday night. And not a moment too soon – my top-choice publisher is interested in seeing it, so it needs to go out soon.

On to employment news. Wednesday was my first official day as a Google employee, so I spent all day at new employee orientation. I now have a new laptop, a “Noogler” propeller beanie, and (of course) the inevitable Google T-shirt. (I believe there’s a legal requirement in Silicon Valley that every new job must come with a company T-shirt.) Here I am, flying both Skybox and Google colors:

Tien flying both Skybox and Google colors

Tien looking very silly

The cats are looking pretty silly, too. I’ve decided to start a new series, titled “Cats in Compromising Positions”. Here’s the first installment:

Fritz looking very silly

Fritz sleeping in a very silly position

Lest you think Fritz is the only one without feline dignity, the pawparazzi caught Tigress looking silly, too. But you’ll have to wait until the next blog post to see that!

Randomly Selected Work

    This shawl is closely related to “Liquid Fire”, except with a black weft instead of a changing-color weft. It was inspired by an article by Flavian Geis in Weaver’s magazine, which depicted a cocoon jacket. My attempt at weaving the jacket was unsuccessful, but I had enough warp left over to weave
    This shawl is created using a knitted blank and a warp dyed in 29 colors. Knitted blanks are an interesting concept taught to me by Nancy Roberts of Machine Knitting to Dye For. You knit up a rectangular piece of fabric, dye it, and then unravel it and reuse the yarn. Using
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